Sharks Come Cruisin' plays an energetic mix of sea shanties and maritime music, keeping the themes of audience participation and celebration at the center of their music and live performances. SCC has played several festivals up and down the East Coast, from Florida to Maine and host the monthly PVD Shanty Sing in their hometown of Providence RI.


What we have here is unashamedly arm-in-arm, peg legged, rum drinking, all sing along together, high seas good times

They have a really fun celebratory quality that harkens to days spent on the high seas drinking and singing with your shipmates. There are easy comparisons to bands like Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and the like. A Past We Forgot That We Need To Know is a quite enjoyable album that will have you singing and swash-buckling
Manual Dexterity Zine

So, if you like your shanties at the top of your lungs, with a Gansett in one hand, and the other keeping time with the drums, Sharks Come Cruisin is the band for you.
Jack Tar Magazine

Lotsa banjo, fiddle, accordion, two-steppin' kinda tempos and robust, absurdly catchy shout-along choruses. And a million bands coulda fucked this up royally, but these guys sound like they're having more goddamned FUN than almost anyone I've heard this century. the Noise, Rock Around Boston